Account Director, Switzerland


Account Manager, Middle East

“Excellent! I have been in sales training before but this program is very unique, it targets personal development, including research on the accounts and consultant knowledge of our business objectives”

Director Business Development, North America

“A ‘Must Have’ for all top and developing Account Executives and their support teams and sponsors”

Global Account Manager, India

“Eye Opener. A must for everyone who sells to C level. Very well structured”

VP, Consumer & Retail, Northern Europe

“Excellent! – long overdue for all of us including coaches, well run, excellent material, well focussed on actual business challenges rather than hypothetical case”

Global account Manager, Italy

“Powerful! Great learnings; able to create a sort of radical change”

Business Solutions Consultant, North America

“The program is invaluable and should be absolutely mandatory for all sales / pre sales roles. As scary and uncomfortable as position may have been, it was well worth the trauma”

Business Development Director, UK

“Critical! To have before a C level engagement, hard work but lots of fun, vital for top sales people. Taking people out of their comfort zone”

Global Account Director, Brazil

“It far exceeded my expectations. Really Good! Live work really made a difference”

Account Manager, Belgium


Global Sales Programme Director, North America

“Excellent and Valuable! Real, tangible, fast paced”

Head of Sales Operations and Support, Europe

“Excellent. Skills Orientated, ROI focussed, Real learning and practising, good follow up tools”

Regional sales manager, North America

“Hard hitting, concise, practical and what we need”

Account Associate, Switzerland


Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, Hong Kong

“It is a fantastic training programme and the best that I have ever attended . It provides wonderful and useful knowledge and skills that are relevant and close to my work and I have taken these away from the training”

Sales Manager, Southern Europe

“Xxcellent! AE’s have been completely ‘changed’, really motivated and have understood what the C Level approach is”

Account manager, Belgium

“Fantastic Experience”

Account manager, Middle East

“Very different to training that I have  experienced before, the consultant was a real professional, challenging and powerful”

Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, India

“Fantastic, fabulous, brilliant useful and helpful.  Overall a very, very good experience”

Sales Director, Switzerland

“Excellent!  Great content!  Great consultant!”

Sales Director, Europe

“Excellent workshop which was well presented. Hard work & rewarding. Excellent presenter who knows the subject inside-out. Environment was right for learning”

Business Solutions Consultant, Singapore

“This programme is a life changing experience and is a learning ground for pre sales presentation skills”

Global Account manager, North America

“Fantastic! Extremely helpful and insightful – overdue”

Account Manager, Germany

“Best workshop I have ever attended”

Business Development, Italy

“Very useful and excellent for C level discussion, brilliant examples and real life consultant experiences”

Sales and Business Development Director, Japan


Global Account Manager, North America

“The workshop delivered on necessary skill development or C Level engagement.  It is an excellent workshop – the best I have attended”

HR Manager, Europe

“Fantastic workshop – really enhances individuals’ skills and feedback is given in a direct but diplomatic way.  Was clear that there needs to be close linkages to the training and back to the business”

Global Account Manager, France

“Excellent! Valuable. 100% aligned with what I do”

Global Account Manager, North America

“Excellent quality coaching”

Sales Director, UK

“Excellent – both highly instructive & enjoyable, a nonstop flow of skills coaching plus specific methods to enhance key customer ‘moments of truth!”

Sales Manager, Netherlands

“Excellent workshop!!! Good consultant who really helps to motivate and bring the best out of yourself”

Manager, Pre-Sales, Central and Eastern Europe

“This workshop was very useful and intense and has for me fulfilled and exceeded expectations.  Also the team building aspect worked out very well and for me increased the respect and trust in the group”

Global Account Manager, UK

“Absolutely brilliant.  Enjoyed every minute!”

Global Account Manager, Netherlands

“Great Interactive workshop, tools and techniques can be immediately applied, very professional highly skilled consultant”

Lead Account Manager, France

“High quality, Intensive, Live exercises and not theory”

Global Account Manager, UK

“Exceeded expectation. VERY WELL RUN!! Relevant to my role”

VP and Country Manager, Switzerland

“Excellent agenda and mix of the day and workshops.  Very practical cases, visible improvement”

Global Account Manager, North America

“Intense, up close, personal and extremely valuable”

Solutions Consultant, UK

“The best course relating to sales I have attended”

Group Strategy, UK

“Excellent – Fulfilled my expectations which were high”

Global Account Manager, UK

“Challenging, exciting, painful, useful”

Regional Account Manager, Brazil

“Excellent, intense but very rich workshop, fun and engaging”

Account Manager, Middle East

“It’s one of the most excellent training programmes I have had”

Head of Business Development, UK

“Engaging and challenging using real life case studies challenges sales people to think in the real world”

Account Manager, Belgium

“After 13 years in sales, it is amazing how much I can still learn and I can take with me the received feedback”

Global Account Manager, Australia

“Challenging, insightful”

Account Manager, UK

“Inspired and captivating…excellent mix of practical and theory. Really intense and relevant to the business”

Account Manager, Switzerland

“I’m extremely positive, one of the best training workshops I’ve attended”

Global Account Manager, France

“Excellent, fantastic!”

Head of Sales, UK

“Extremely inspiring, great consultant delivery of the workshop bringing experience”

Global Account Director, France

“Good live situation and learnings workshop gave me a new discovery of my personality and skills required to reach C level”

Business Solutions Manager, India


Director, Global Accounts

“Tremendous! Valuable, and will take me to the next level”

Sales Manager, Switzerland

“Outstanding learning experience”

Sales Manager, France

“Training of very high standard, the whole workshop was very useful, we have learned how to communicate our knowledge in a more strategic way to the customer”

Principal Technical Pre-sales, Russia

“It was very useful and full of energy.  A lot of knowledge sharing”

Account Executive, UK

“Excellent!  Very intense but very worthwhile”

Lead Pre-Sales, North America

“Excellent!!! It definitely provides you with key skill sets required in a pre sales role”

Account Manager, Belgium

“A challenging course driving significant awareness of what it takes to operate at C Level”

Global Account Manager, Germany

“Great experience, changed a lot in thinking through the idea of selling ‘managed services’. Role-plays are always a great exercise”

Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, Singapore

“Very unique and great”

Pre-Sales Consultant, North Africa

“Very good for improving both your professional and personal levels.  Rich information and exercises for pre sales job”

Sales Director, Switzerland

“Excellent and fun.  Refreshing and real life example”

Global Account Manager, UK

“Extremely valuable, It gave me real life C level experience. The practical advice was priceless”

Global Account Manager, North America

“The workshop is tremendous”

Account Manager, Switzerland

“This training is of great value, even for senior people.  Hard work but fun”

Corporate Pre-Sales, UK

“Very challenging – better than anticipated”

Head of Business Development, Switzerland

“It wakes you up again”

Account Executive, UK

“Excellent, this allowed me to put into practice techniques within a realistic role-play environment”

Senior Pre-Sales, Greece

“It was genuinely a great program.  It concentrates on aspects that you may even have not considered before and you learn thinks about yourself that can really help you in both professional and personal lives”

Global Account Manager, Germany

“Excellent Result!”

Sales Director, Spain

“It is a high-level sales course and very interesting throughout”

Pre-Sales, Singapore

“Extremely worthwhile and intensive”

Sales Director, UK

“Very interesting & stimulating course taking all the base selling skills to a new level & given much food for thought”

Pre-Sales, Middle East

“I really like it!  Far better than all my expectations”

Senior Business Development Manager, Germany

“In one word – Great”

Sales Manager, UK

“Very enjoyable and offered very relevant techniques and information in the art of effective C Level Selling”

Pre-Sales, North America

“Very enjoyable, a lot of hard work and a lot to take in and absorb but very rewarding”

Senior Account Manager, Middle East

“It was great and very productive.  This is the first time I have experienced any training like this in our company and it was perfect overall”

Senior Consultant, UK

“Excellent….hard work but well worth it”

Performance Manager, Brazil

“It’s great. It was one of my best training sessions”

Head of UK Sales

“Excellent! Lots of new ideas”

Account Manager, Middle East

“Excellent workshop! Articulate presentation and work on techniques”

Global Account Director, North America

“Challenging: I could always use help and this was top notch”

Senior Consultant, India

“Very innovative approach”

Account Executive, UK

“Best course I have attended and very intense.  Very challenging, initially defensive but relaxed as course progressed”

Senior Account Manager, Middle East

“It was a very enjoyable workshop with lots of practical live examples which we face in our work environment”

Strategy Consultant, UK

“Very intensive but pushes you into new areas and learning of yourself”

Global Account Manager, UK

“Extremely useful – great way to get honest feedback on how I can improve my effectiveness professionally”

Global Account Director, Belgium

“Excellent! And for me …exactly the right moment”

Solutions Manager, Singapore

“The workshop was extremely helpful in guiding me to find my weaknesses and work on them in a structured fashion.  It also helped me a lot to observe my colleagues and learn from them”

Global Account Manager, North America

“The material is engaging, well laid out and shows high impact on improving soft skills”

Technical Sales Consultant, Canada

“Very demanding, but worth the effort”

Pre-Sales Consultant, Greece

“Excellent.  Everything that I thought it would be and so much more”

Global Account manager, Germany

“Very well prepared.  Excellent role plays. Challenging in a positive way”