Global Account Director, North America


Professional Services, China

“The workshop is a must”

Sales Director, North America

“Excellent – best training for calling ‘high’ l have ever taken”

General Manager, China

“It’s a very successful workshop, makes everyone successful and believers. It provides solution selling as a skill through the use of role plays, makes people believe in and take action”

Account Manager, China

“Fantastic, it’s the best workshop I’ve ever had”

Global Account Director, North America

“Insightful, humbling, useful, engaging, strategic, smart, to the point, entertaining, taxing, enlightening and valued”

Head of Commercial, China


Senior Account Director, North America

“The workshop was extremely unique compared to other training courses I have had. The information shared was practical. Excellent!”

Sales Director, China

“Great! Going through all the exercises is really helpful”

Solutions Consultant Manager, China

“Helpful, well prepared and executed. Experienced trainer, deep insight into our industry, prepared and interactive”

Account Manager, North America

“Excellent. Many take-aways, many ideas and so much to work on. As a young, ambitious, inexperienced salesman I feel I have a competitive advantage”

Head of Contact centre Business, Americas

“One of the best and most useful I have attended in my 20 year sales career”

Account Manager

“Very useful and practical for sales. May help to reshape my sales behaviour”

VP Sales, North America

“By far the best workshop / training I have experienced at my company”

Business Solutions Manager, Americas

“It was really interesting and eye opening”

Hunter Account Manager, Americas

“Fantastic workshop.  Highly valuabl”

Account Director, North America

“Very demanding.  Force’s your limit”

Customer Services Manager, North America

“I needed this workshop.  I am very glad I attended this class.  Excellent workshop”

Account Director, North America

“Fun focussed and relevant to our overall business transformation initiative.  Was a very wonderful experience”

Professional Services, North America

“Extremely valuable.  Great ideas.  Makes you think as your customer.  The focus goes from products to solutions.  It helps you develop”

Senior Sales Specialist, North America

“Very informative, well constructed and needed for the region.  Extremely beneficial”

Account Director, North America

“Very productive, the best sales training I have attended”

Solutions Architect, North America

“Very informative, valuable information to understand how to maximize opportunities at the executive level”

Solutions Consultant, North America

“Extremely informative and enlightening”

Business Development Manager, North America

“I learned at least as much about myself the second time”

Sales Director, North America

“It is fresh and though provoking”

Business development, North America

“Very useful informative, interactive.  I learned a lot and found the consultant engaging and very knowledgeable”

Sales Operations, North America

“I think the ROI on the hunter class is quite significant”