Finance Sector Head, Middle East

“This is an excellent programme. Clearly and directly touches our core business areas we as sales managers need to do. Gives tools to apply to ensure we are successfully running the business in the right direction. Excellent tools and extensive experience shared in a practical way”

Sales Director, North America

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended”

Sales Manager, Australia

“Excellent! Now truly believe the linkage between activity, coaching etc to sales performance. This is not task management it is skill enablement”

Sales and Marketing Director, Benelux

“Excellent! Great content, pragmatic, fast pace, constructive atmosphere, knowledgeable consultant with vast real life experience”

Sales Manager, UK

“Excellent – thought provoking, provides tangible visibility of team performance and is very useful in highlighting areas of focus and improvement allowing me to now take away tangible actions”

Head of Sales, LATAM

“It was a very intensive and active workshop. Excellent material that helps sales managers manage the sales business”

VP, Sales and Marketing, North America

“Excellent management workshop to get entire region focusing on same goals”

Head of Sales & Customer Advocacy, India

“It is one of the best ever sessions I have attended for Sales Management”

Global Sales Director

“Great collaborative workshop on performance, activity management & coaching, discussions and interaction”

Energy Sector Head, Middle East

“In one word ‘fabulous’. To all sector managers as indicated by them and especially to me as a newly assigned manager”

General Manager, China

“Excellent workshop. Greater level of details in terms of sales performance management, recruitment and motivation”

Sales Manager, UK

“Great content, practical toolset, very well delivered by a highly passionate and professional trainer. Quality of content equips us to succeed, variation maintains interest e.g. role plays vs. classroom and team exercises. Very useful framework and toolsets”

Sales Director, North America

“One of the most valuable and helpful programs I have attended”

Sales Director, Asia Pacific

“Excellent 4 days to emerge us into Sales Leadership! Basics and easy to use tools for the organisation”

CEO, India

“Good programme, one of the best I have attended in 29 years across many continents. Practical, useable, easily implementable”

Head of Sales Operations, France

“Very challenging interesting and enlightening”

Sales Director, Germany

“Very useful to increase quality of sales management and daily business performance”

Sales Director, North America

“I think it was incredibly valuable.  I think it will provide tools that will lead to a successful team”

Head of Business Operations LATAM

“Excellent combination of tools, theory and real life examples to be applied.  Material very useful and easy to use.  All aspects of the course are linked and provide a roadmap to increase hunting activities”

Enterprise Sales Manager, Middle East

“Excellent! Very relevant to my role and specifically tailored to current situation. Provided very useful tools for management of sales team as well as management methodologies”

Head of Sales, Benelux

“Excellent.  It wakes you up to be even more focused and to be on top of it”

Professional Services, North America

“Excellent not a dull minute”

Head of Sales, South India

“The workshop should be done for all the Sales Manager for better results.  The workshop covers all parameters of Sales Leadership and is very effective”

Sales Manager, China

“Extremely practical!  The only regret is we should have had this a long time ago!”

Professional Services, North America

“Very enlightening, simple, fun and clear”

Sales Director, Argentina

“Very useful with a rich level of content, information and suggestions”

Sales Director, North America

“Excellent use of time.  Content valuable and relevant, instruction engaging and involved everyone in the class.  Engaging and credible”

CFO, Asia Pacific

“Very insightful and highlights the weaknesses and the actions that we need to take to fix the issues”

Sales Director, North America

“Excellent balance of theory and practice / valuable content”

Sales Manager, Belgium

“Excellent workshop for performance management”

VP Sales and Marketing, North America

“Excellent in content and delivery / truly instructive”