Selling To C Level

Are these your sales challenges?

“We are stuck in RFP cycles.”
“We need to improve focus on selling ROI value to our customers.”
“Our deal sizes are not large enough to reach our growth targets.”
“We do not understand, and are not selling to the emerging markets strategy of the customer.”
“Our own C levels are not plugged into the account or there is no unilateral strategy led by the sales person.”
“Our revenues are eroding faster than new business acquisition.”
“Our competitors have the ‘ear’ of the customer at C level, and positioned 2 or 3 levels higher.”
“We are seen as a commodity.”

C Level Selling Mindset

Activity is diluted for a number of reasons…

  • Sales person does not believe they need to go to C Level.
  • Insufficient quality of information.
  • Passive mindset of the sales person.
  • Expectation that the Senior Executive will do all the engagement.
  • Attitudes and skill level of the sales person / this is often wrongly assumed if experienced.

If this is your business, it’s time to develop the organisation and extended team to sell at C level.

Our Approach

C Level Sales Training programmes are coaching led, highly intensive, interactive and results orientated. The interventions enable senior sales people and executives to hone their skills for new opportunities at C level.

The key is to aim high at the outset. ‘C’ level is defined as CEO, COO, CFO etc as well as other senior executive job titles. For new logos there is a real opportunity to start at C level as there are no customer barriers. Starting from the bottom can often result in being sidelined to procurement. We work at a strategic level to build a programme aligned to specific sales objectives for targeted segments / accounts.

The Selling to C Level programme develops all the prerequisite skills required for success in selling using ROI and includes every aspect of communication and skills needed

at C level meetings and Board presentations with quality feedback provided to ensure sustainable behavioural change.

Remote support is provided after the training to assist with key emails, telephone calls and meetings at the point of need to enable the salesperson to implement the training. There is a certification follow up session three to six months after the workshop. Each salesperson presents evidence to a senior level panel to demonstrate the way in which the Programme is being used to generate results for the company.

Return on Investment

You can expect uplift with the right coaching follow up in the areas listed below:

  • Increase in C level activity
  • Retained accounts and revenues
  • Growth in sales revenue and order value
  • Larger and more profitable deals
  • Increased sales ready pipeline
  • Transformed Sales Organisation Sales performance is benchmarked before and after.