Sales Leadership

Sales Leaders – Driving Sales Performance

How equipped are your sales management team to grow the business and develop and coach your sales team?
How confident are you in meeting this years sales targets?
Are these your business challenges?

“The sales organisation is underperforming.”
“There are variable levels of sales activity.”
“Inconsistent results across the global sales team with no agreed standards.”
“No strategy for management of underperformers!”
“Un-identified top talent / high performers.”
“No coaching plans for developing the salespeople.”
“A need to improve the quantity, quality and direction of sales activity.”
“High churn on new hires and more rigour needed in sales recruitment to hire top talent.”
“No new business strategy to reach growth targets.”
“CRM system is driving compliance and not my business growth!”

Sales management is easily broken!

Every time you re-organise the sales structure, segmentation or territory, all sales leaders look inwards, not focused on customers or sales team performance management

Companies live or die by the ability to execute well at a sales management level to drive the performance of the company. Any plan or strategy is limited by the sales organisation.

The Sales Leadershipskills programme is a highly interactive, results orientated sales management training that develops sales management and sales leadership skills.

The Programme provides experienced managers with an opportunity to fine tune their skills, whilst newer sales managers develop a comprehensive framework for achieving success.

Our Approach

As part of the work with sales leaders we examine every aspect of performance managing sales teams and developing sales capability. The sales leaders also develop their skill in building, coaching and leading a sales team. The sales leaders acquire a comprehensive framework for driving sales performance.

The approach is underpinned by sales leadership certification whereby each sales manager demonstrates that they are using the approach and skills developed to generate results for the company.

Return on Investment

You can expect and uplift in the following areas with the right coaching:

  • Bigger pipeline
  • Development and coaching plans for the sales team
  • Sales people using CRM systems to drive opportunities
  • Increase in sales revenue
  • Increase in margin
  • Bigger deals
  • Retention of key sales people
  • Non retention of underperformers